Themes for facebook with video and photo background
The usual Facebook color combines blue steel with a lavender field. And the publication feed has just a white and unremarkable backing. Perhaps you are also fed up with the standart design of facebook, then our extension can help! Facebook Themes can change the design of your favorite social network to a more colorful and attractive one.
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Flying triangles theme of 3D graphics
Flying triangles

Live Facebook wallpaper with geometric abstraction.

Scratched texture theme of Textures
Scratched texture

A great choice for steampunk fans.

Space nebula theme of Space
Space nebula

For all lovers of science fiction and deep space.

Wood wall theme of Textures
Wood wall

Maximum comfort for your Facebook page.

Old wood texture theme of Textures
Old wood texture

Great time to focus on the essentials.

Geometry theme of Abstract

Volumetric figures in purple tones.

Ladybug theme of Macro

The hidden beauty of the microworld on your Facebook page.

Sunflower Field theme of Flowers
Sunflower Field

Beautiful sunset over a field of sunflowers.

Glowing stars theme of Space
Glowing stars

Alluring light of distant stars.

Shabby chic theme of Art & Design
Shabby chic

Vintage style theme with cute hummingbirds.

Camouflage pattern theme of Textures
Camouflage pattern

Military style theme with dark camo background.

Hearts on a wooden table theme of Love
Hearts on a wooden table

There is never much love.

Sea bay theme of Nature
Sea bay

Time to dream about the innermost.

Geometry motion theme of Abstract
Geometry motion

Live wallpaper in the form of dancing geometric shapes.

Green Blue Violet Gradient theme of Simple
Green Blue Violet Gradient

A simple but stylish gradient with soft colors.

Coral reef theme of Animals
Coral reef

Prepare your masks and flippers, we dive into the sea


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The color schemes are carefully designed. For lovers of custom style, we can offer great opportunities - even facebook live wallpapers with various video screensavers. Together with excellent palettes, they will create your exclusive atmosphere. Speaking of which. The catalog contains about 50 categories with themes for every taste and color. We are sure that even the most sophisticated users will like this variety. When you install the Facebook design theme, the functionality of the social network does not change. Only colors of the interface elements and the background of the pages is transformed. This applies to all sections that you access under the main domain Therefore, you do not have to get used to a different arrangement of interface elements. They all remain in their places, and the modification concerns only their colors. So, are you tired of the default Facebook style and you crave something new? Install the Facebook Themes extension and change facebook color in the way you want, using ready-made themes made by our designers!
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