Airplanes & Helicopters
Airplanes & Helicopters themes collections Do you like flights, because it is fast and convenient? Perhaps you are not a passenger of the plane, but his pilot or steward? In any case, you will like Facebook themes that depict aircraft. And we are talking not only about planes, but also about helicopters. Passenger, medical, military, jet and many other "birds". Surely, you have heard about such a development as Stealth - an aircraft invisible to radar. It looks very impressive. Almost as cool as your page on the social network, the design of which you changed to wonderful Facebook wallpapers from the Airplanes & Helicopters category. Or have not changed yet? If not, do it now to get out of the crowd of those who use the usual design and do not know how to emphasize their individuality. To change a standard theme to a user one, you first need to install the Themes for Facebook browser extension. It does not affect the functional component and the location of the elements of the social network interface. And it just changes the color of the Facebook buttons and the background, replacing them with your own images. It looks very stylish and beautiful, especially for those who love the theme of aircraft.

List of themes - Airplanes & Helicopters

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