Animals themes collections How wonderful is the kingdom of animals, where everyone lives according to the laws of the jungle. How cute is a panda chewing on stalks of bamboo, or a marmot looking out of its mink! If you love animals and nature, pay attention to the Facebook wallpaper dedicated to the fauna. You can replace them with a boring social network design with just one click. Agree that the striped tiger with yellow eyes looks many times more interesting than the standard lavender background FB. And the spotted giraffe with the cub looks so cute that you want to admire them non-stop, which can not be said about the usual design. The stern crocodile and cunning boa will also be enjoyed by true animal lovers. To modify the color of Facebook, just use the extension called "Themes for Facebook". It can be used as part of browser. Install this extension, then add to it your favorite theme from the "Animals" category. Once you do this, you just have to click on the activation of new wallpapers. And after a second, you will see how the appearance of your favorite social network is transformed. If you wish, you can always change some Facebook themes to others. The procedure is the same as above, only you do not need to reinstall the extension. Just add themes and apply them. Easy, simple and incredibly beautiful!

List of themes - Animals

Beautiful parrots

Step into the enchanting realm of beautiful parrots and nature's wonders. Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of colors, lush landscapes, and the captivating allure of these magnificent birds. Join us on a journey to embrace the beauty of our feathered friends and the world they call home.

Graceful pigeons

Enter the serene world of graceful pigeons and the tranquility of nature. Dive into the peaceful landscapes, soothing coos, and the gentle elegance of these charming birds. Come along on a journey to appreciate the beauty of our winged companions and the world they inhabit.

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