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Anime themes collections Love anime and everything related to it? Then you need to know that from now on you have the opportunity to change the default design of the social network to anime Facebook themes. And it's cool, because now you can admire Sailor Moon or Naruto Uzumaki 24 on 7. In general, anime, as an autonomous direction in the field of animation, appeared back in 1958. And its inception began at the beginning of the 20th century in Japan. Since then, there have been many metamorphoses, and the genre has acquired millions of fans. Among them are residents of all countries of the world, regardless of race, gender, or even age. What does it take to set a Facebook wallpaper in anime style? First you need to download the extension for browser, and then add themes from the "Anime" category to it (you are in it right now). Then apply the added design options and enjoy the result. The extension is called “Themes for Facebook”. It is unique in that it modifies the design of a social network at a local level without affecting server capacities. And it’s completely free, so you can change the color of Facebook at least 100 times a day. No monthly fee is required, there are no restrictions or conditions either.

List of themes - Anime

Anime crossover theme of Anime
Anime crossover

What to do in your free time? Find your favorite characters on this anime wallpaper.

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