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Business & Finance themes collections Doing business or just love the business atmosphere? We have suitable Facebook themed wallpapers. It is especially important for working on a remote site, when it is important to maintain a working mood, but you do not want to leave the social network. Lovers of financial resources also have something to offer. Design with currency elements from different countries of the world: starting from dollars and ending with gold bars. Great motivation for those who want to start earning more by visualizing their dreams. Such solutions have always been popular, because without money in the modern world can not survive. This is the modern equivalent of strength, so having finances means being strong. But where to get Facebook themes in money or business style? It is here where you are now. Category "Business & Finance". Choose any of the design options available here, add it to the Themes for Facebook extension and use it! When changing the color of Facebook, only the background and appearance of the buttons change. The functionality and layout of the elements is not affected in any way. All sections will remain in their original places, but their appearance will be completely transformed the way you yourself want it to.

List of themes - Business & Finance

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