Cartoons themes collections What cartoons do you watch? Maybe SpongeBob or Tom and Jerry? Regardless of whether you like modern works or classics, you have the opportunity to enjoy cartoons in the form of Facebook wallpapers on your page! To do this, use the extension “Themes for Facebook” and the corresponding theme. First, install the extension in your browser, then hover over your favorite cartoon, presented in this category. Two buttons appear. The one called “View” demonstrates the appearance of the social network after a design change. And another button called “Add” serves to add a Facebook theme to the extension. By clicking on it, you will add the author’s design option and then you can activate it with one click. A click and the Simpsons are already looking at you from your page or the Lion King menacingly growls, shaking his mane and yawning. Facebook color modification is completely free. No fees are charged for using the extension or for adding topics. The only thing that is required of you is the desire to personalize your profile on a social network and following the instructions.

List of themes - Cartoons

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