Cats themes collections How do they touch, all these fluffy lumps with compassionate eyes, which can be found not only on the street, but also on Facebook wallpapers! If you like cats, you have already guessed that we are talking about them. Of course, they have a very wayward character and sometimes they show it, releasing claws or hissing. But these are such trifles that you don’t want to be angry at all, because a pet is a family favorite. Without it, it becomes boring and lonely, and with it life turns into a holiday. For kitty lovers, we have prepared something special. We are talking about a new design of a social network in cat style. You can change the design of the buttons and background of your page, as well as any other sections of the FB that you are accustomed to visiting. Change Facebook color is now possible thanks to the extension “Themes for Facebook”. It is intended for the Google Chrome browser and is completely free. What needs to be done to dress up a social network in a cat form? Install our extension first, then add any of the themes in the Cats category. After that, activate the selected design with one click and enjoy the cat's Facebook theme! We are sure that you will like these design solutions. Enjoy your use!

List of themes - Cats

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