Celebrities themes collections Who are celebrities? These are famous people who became famous thanks to modern cinema, theatrical productions or musical performances. That is, actors, singers, musicians and other representatives of the artistic genre. In honor of them, Facebook themes were created to replace the standard social network background with a thematic one. Who are you really excited about? Jason Statham, Milla Jovovich, Tom Hanks, Dwayne Johnson, Billy Elish, Eminem? Any of these celebrities can appear on your FB page as colorful pictures or even live wallpapers! All you need to do is install the Themes for Facebook extension and add themes from the Celebrities category there, and then apply one of the added design options. Who to put on Facebook wallpapers to make it look as cool as possible in the eyes of your friends and acquaintances? First of all, do not try to please anyone. Install the one who impresses you the most as an actor, singer or musician. Whose work you like best and who you would like to be like in your dreams. This will daily raise your spirits and motivate you to maximize your life. The extension and all Facebook wallpapers are currently free. You can download, install and use them to your pleasure.

List of themes - Celebrities

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