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Comics themes collections Adore comic book superheroes? Hulk, Aquaman, Thor, Superman - your idols? Do you want to see them not only in films, but also on Facebook wallpapers, for example? From now on you have such an opportunity thanks to the browser extension “Themes for Facebook”. What kind of extension is this? Very simple and, at the same time, very useful. With it, you can replace the default design of the social network with any other that is presented in the catalog on the site In particular, you can select the “Comics” category and decorate your page with one or more heroes from Marvel or DC. As a true comic book fan, you won’t be able to ignore such an offer. Especially when you consider that replacing the design of a social network is 100% free. For this, no one will take a cent from you. You can change the color of Facebook with one click. How to do it? Add a theme to the extension and activate it with a mouse click. After that, you don’t even need to refresh the browser page, the modification is instant. So you found out how to get rid of the preinstalled Facebook theme in favor of superhero images and videos.

List of themes - Comics

Spider-Man theme of Comics

Spiderman is one of the most popular Marvel comic book heroes. This Facebook theme is made in dark colors, as if we are on night duty, as a Spiderman does on the wallpaper. Just do not repeat his stunts at home - it is dangerous!

Marvel Comics theme of Comics
Marvel Comics

This Facebook theme is about Marvel superheroes. Tony Stark is a great motivator, and Captain America, as always, is the guardian of the freedom of ordinary people. We wish you a productive day and a long-awaited vacation!

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