Cute themes collections What sweet thing have you seen in your life? Maybe a yawning kitten? Or a sneezing panda with a puzzled expression on its face? You can watch all this and much more every second in the form of Facebook wallpapers on your page in the social network. To do this, you need to install the extension in order to modify the design and activate the theme. But back to the "mercy." What is the majority of people moved by? Parents are delighted when their child pulls pens to them or utters his first word. Guys like it when a girl offends to pout her lips and thus flirts. And almost all people on the planet are moved by how some animals behave. Somewhere, the dog grumbled the word "mother", the hedgehog smiled, the dolphin waved its fin. Any of these actions on the part of our smaller brothers can touch people. So, to change the color of Facebook to something cute, you will need the extension “Themes for Facebook”. It was developed for your browser and is distributed free of charge. Copyright design options also do not require any payment. After installing the above tools, select the Facebook theme in the "Cute" category and add it using the "Add" button. Then go back to the extension and apply the wallpaper to your profile. So you get rid of the boring design by default, replacing it with a cute image from an exclusive collection.

List of themes - Cute

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