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Dogs themes collections Daily walks, feeding, ball or frisbee games, swimming and many other activities. There is very little time left on the social network, but it can also be combined with usual interests. For example, change the default design to the Facebook wallpaper with your favorite dogs. So you will always remember that it is time to distract from the chat and take the time for the pet. Once upon a time there were no dogs, and their distant ancestors wolves roamed the forests. One day a man saved the beast from imminent death and went out. Realizing that the two-legged creature is a friend, the wolf began to help him on the hunt, and later they became even closer. Seeing such a miracle, other people also began to tame wolves. So there were dogs - domesticated versions of animals that were previously wild, and now lick your hands. To install a Facebook theme in a dog style, you need to install the Themes for Facebook extension and then add the appropriate design options to it. When you do this, you just have to activate the topic and evaluate the changes in the social network. Facebook color does not have to be the same as everyone else. Personalize your page as you wish! It is easy, free and accessible to all comers.

List of themes - Dogs

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