Emotions themes collections What emotions do you feel most often? Joy, sadness, anger, surprise? Whatever your answer, you can find here Facebook themes for any emotions and feelings. If you feel sad, a picture of a lonely person sitting by the window will do. For a happy state, a photograph of a smiling dog or hedgehog will be appropriate. Where to get all these images and how to install them instead of the standard FB design? Someone would advise you to google, but we take care of our users and therefore create the author's Facebook wallpaper, collecting them in one place in accordance with the category. To change the design you need to install the extension “Themes for Facebook”. It can be adopted by those who surf the Internet through Chrome. Then in this extension you need to add a theme using the "Add" button on the site. Well, the final step is to use new wallpapers instead of those that are by default in the social network. Depending on your emotional state, you can change the color of Facebook to any other that carries certain emotions. But remember that positive not only helps in life, but also improves mental health. And the negative is the opposite. Therefore, try to think positively and experience only pleasant emotions.

List of themes - Emotions

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