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Flags themes collections Each state has its own flag. It symbolizes certain principles and is the official symbol of the country. For those who are proud of belonging to their homeland, Facebook themes in the form of flags were developed. Everyone can use them, regardless of citizenship and place of residence. What is in assortment? Flags of the United States of America, Italy, Great Britain, Russia, Spain, Egypt, Israel, etc. If a geographical point is not enough, it will be added later as part of periodic catalog updates. You can also ask to add the flag of your country by writing to fb.zone support. To change the color of Facebook, the first thing to do is install the Facebook Themes browser extension and add the appropriate design options to it. After that, just apply the imported themes and enjoy the result. By the way, the functionality of a social network is not affected. Only its appearance, and even then, at the local level, bypassing the company's servers. Want to get rid of the default design by replacing it with a Facebook theme from the Flags category? Then what are you waiting for? You already know what to do. Act!

List of themes - Flags

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