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Flowers themes collections Every girl has a favorite flower. It can be a rose, an orchid, a lily of the valley, a tulip and hundreds of other representatives of the flora. We took into account the preferences of the beautiful half of humanity and developed Facebook themes in floral style. Now you can change the standard background and social network buttons to any of the available colors. Adore violets or lilacs? Crazy about mimosas or daisies? Install the "Themes for Facebook" extension and turn your page into a flowering field! When guests come to you, you can surprise them with the colorful and individual profile. Agree that not every FB profile looks as original as yours. So, how to change Facebook color in one action? If you have already added our extension to the browser, you just have to go to the “Flowers” ​​category and click on the “Add” button. Then activate the selected design in the extension itself and refresh the page. When you do this, you will immediately see the changes that have occurred and the change in design. Do you want to go to your page on a social network every day and enjoy Facebook floral wallpaper? Then you know what to do! Choose any of the topics in the category and start using! It is not only convenient, but also completely free.

List of themes - Flowers

Wildflowers theme of Flowers

Calm Facebook theme with wildflowers lying on an old wooden table. The theme is immersed in the memories of a summer walk in nature.

Spring flowering theme of Flowers
Spring flowering

Delicate lilac flowers create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Spring floral Facebook theme for connoisseurs of true beauty.

Sunflower Field theme of Flowers
Sunflower Field

Beautiful sunset over a field of sunflowers.

Yellow flowers theme of Flowers
Yellow flowers

Cute flowers on a blue sky background

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