Food & Drinks
Food & Drinks themes collections Each person has a favorite dish and drink. Someone loves pizza with cola, someone is delighted with sandwiches with juice, others prefer salads and mineral water. Facebook wallpaper, which will be discussed later, depicts the most popular food and drink. The fact that people eat and drink in large quantities around the world, both at home and in cafes. What do you prefer for breakfast: a croissant with jam, a cheese sandwich, fried eggs or cereal with milk? What are you used to having lunch and dinner for? Grilled steaks, vegetable salads, pasta or hamburgers? Whatever your choice, we are sure that you would like to see your favorite food in the form of a Facebook theme on your page. The same applies to drinks, both alcoholic and various smoothies, soda, cocktails, etc. To change the standard design of the social network to something tasty, you first need to install the browser extension “Themes for Facebook”. With its help, you can get rid of the default design with one click and install custom. But before that, the extension from the Food & Drinks category must be added to the extension. This is done easily: hover over a topic and click on the Add button. Then activate the new Facebook color and enjoy the juicy images of food and drinks. It looks very appetizing and seductive, especially for gourmets.

List of themes - Food & Drinks

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