Holidays themes collections What holidays can you imagine your life without? Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween or your own birthday? We believe that there are many answers. Especially for fans to sit at a table in the family circle, Facebook themes with relevant content were developed. You can install them literally in 1 click. What is needed for this? First of all, add an extension called “Themes for Facebook” to your browser. Then go to the website in the “Holidays” category and use the “Add” button under the design option that you like. This action will add the selected theme to the extension and you just have to apply it. The Facebook color that stands in the role of default is tasteless and has bothered many. Therefore, exchange it for something completely different than a breath of fresh air. Moreover, it is absolutely free and does not require knowledge of programming languages, or knowledge of Photoshop. Specialists have already worked for you and created the final product. Check out festive-themed Facebook wallpapers. We are sure that you will find there a suitable design for any significant event in your life.

List of themes - Holidays

Snowman theme of Holidays

Get into the winter spirit with our new Snowman background! Feel the warmth of the holiday season with a cute and cozy snowman, surrounded by a picturesque winter wonderland. Upgrade your Facebook profile now and spread the joy of the holidays to your friends and family!

Halloween head theme of Holidays
Halloween head

Get ready to turn heads this Halloween with our eerie and enchanting Halloween headwear collection! From spooky masks to wickedly witchy hats, we've got the perfect accessories to complete your hauntingly stylish costume

Halloween party

Halloween, a night cloaked in mystery and mischief, is fast approaching! On October 31st, we embark on a journey into the supernatural. 🌙👻 🧙‍♀️ Embrace your inner witch, ghost, or monster as costumes come to life. Trick-or-treating for the young, while adults revel in spooky soirees, haunted attractions, and cinematic thrills. 🕷️ Haunted houses beckon the brave, while pumpkin patches transform into canvases for creativity. Homes are adorned with eerie decorations, bringing the spirit of Halloween to life. 🌕 As the moon rises, ghost stories unfold, laughter echoes, and sweet treats are shared. Join us for a night of enchantment and excitement!

Halloween House & Bets

Amidst the haunted ambiance of the Halloween House, daring souls gather for thrilling bets. Wagers on costume contests, pumpkin carving, and eerie challenges add an electrifying twist to the night. Will you stake your claim in this spectral spectacle?

Helloween toys

Step into a world of eerie enchantment with our 'Halloween Toys' theme. This captivating theme brings the spirit of Halloween to life on your digital canvas. Embrace the playful and spooky atmosphere with a collection of ghoulishly delightful toys, from eerie action figures to creepy plushies and bewitching games. Let your online experience be transformed into a whimsical Halloween wonderland that's sure to enchant and entertain

Halloween theme of Holidays

🎃👻 Facebook's Halloween Haunt is here! Customize your profile, join spooky events, and share eerie posts. Get ready to embrace the spirit of Halloween! 🦇👻

Halloween bets

Prepare for a month of spine-tingling delight! Dive into our spooky wonderland with costume contests, ghostly tales, and bewitching fun. Let's embrace the spirit of All Hallows' Eve together. Stay tuned for eerie updates!

Thanksgiving theme of Holidays

Embrace the warmth of gratitude and the joy of togetherness with our Thanksgiving theme! Celebrate the season of thanks with heartfelt moments and delicious feasts

Thanksgiving food theme of Holidays
Thanksgiving food

Embrace the warmth of gratitude and the joy of togetherness with our Thanksgiving theme! Dive into the season of thanks and share the love

Thanksgiving theme of Holidays

Embrace gratitude and warmth with our Thanksgiving theme! 🍂 Transform your Facebook experience into a cozy celebration of blessings and joy.

Thanksgiving theme of Holidays

Embrace the warmth of gratitude with our Thanksgiving theme! Celebrate the season of thanks with festive colors, autumn vibes, and a touch of harvest charm. Share the joy of togetherness as we give thanks for the blessings that fill our lives.

Christmas theme of Holidays

Transform your Facebook profile into a winter wonderland with our enchanting Christmas theme. Our vibrant designs and playful elements will spread holiday cheer throughout your virtual space.

Christmas house theme of Holidays
Christmas house

Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with our festive decorations, twinkling lights, and heartwarming imagery. Our theme captures the essence of the season, evoking feelings of joy, togetherness, and goodwill.

Minecraft Christmas theme of Holidays
Minecraft Christmas

Ho ho ho! Transform your Facebook profile into a pixelated paradise with our enchanting Minecraft Christmas theme. Embrace the charm of blocky holiday cheer and spread joy throughout your virtual space.


Ho-ho-ho! 🎅 Get Santafied for the holidays with this merry Facebook theme! ❄️✨ Twinkling lights, playful reindeer, & Santa himself bring the yuletide cheer! 🎄🎁 Share your magic & spread joy this season!


Jingle your bells, Facebook! 🔔🎄 This Christmas theme brings the magic with sparkling lights, dancing snowflakes, and a cozy scene to warm your feed. Share your holiday cheer and spread the yuletide love!


Snowflakes dance, lights ignite! ❄️🎄 Transform your Facebook into a Christmas wonderland with this festive theme. Share your holiday cheer and spread the yuletide magic!

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