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Landscapes themes collections Picturesque landscapes are what the soul rejoices from and the heart sings. Have you ever got up in the middle of a poppy field and marveled at its red immensity? Looking at the green plains from the top of a high mountain? If not, then you are still ahead, but for now you can do the same, only virtually. To do this, install Facebook themes dedicated to natural landscapes, which are captured by the best photographers in the world. How beautiful the spring forest with the crystal clear stream flowing through it! How magnificent Niagara Falls and the delightfully Red Sea with its inhabitants! How severe and, at the same time, the Sahara desert is charming! You can make sure of all this with the help of the Themes for Facebook extension, whose task is to replace the standard Facebook color with unique wallpapers. Once you install the extension, add themes from the Landscapes category to it. Then just click on any of the design options and activate it for the social network. If you like the changes, leave it so, if not, try other Facebook wallpapers, because they are available to everyone. Change the design of your favorite social network as you wish!

List of themes - Landscapes

Morning landscape theme of Landscapes
Morning landscape

Picturesque wallpaper with the image of dawn in a meadow against the backdrop of the mountains in a neutral palette of colors.

Morning mountains theme of Landscapes
Morning mountains

Beautiful landscape with aerial perspective

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