Lifestyle themes collections Each person has his own lifestyle. Someone prefers sports, while someone likes to lie on the couch watching TV. Some people think that you need to work day and night, while others adhere to the point of view that all life flies at work and this is bad. The website has Facebook themes for most life styles. Most likely, you will find wallpapers that match your philosophy and can apply them in 1 click. Lifestyle is a collection of habits that form over a long period of time. For some, the habit is to get up early and exercise in the morning, for others, to smoke a cigar after a working day with a glass of wine. Any style has its advantages and disadvantages, but today we are not talking about that. It's about the color of Facebook, which can be replaced with a more interesting design. To modify the appearance of the buttons and change the background of the social network, first install the extension “Themes for Facebook”. Check out the themes in the Lifestyle category and add the ones you like. Then activate any of the Facebook wallpapers, and on this your mission is completed! Now you will see a picture that fits your lifestyle, not the default colors.

List of themes - Lifestyle

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