Macro themes collections The macrocosm is simply amazing. He is invisible until you look at him. And often this requires equipment with special optics. This is the only way to see what the Universe is hiding in itself, consisting of many small creatures and particles. Well, or you can use the "Macro" category and install Facebook themes instead of the default ones. They will depict creatures, objects and plants, which are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Have you ever seen near a drop of morning dew on a dandelion? Perhaps you know how many spots are on the shell of a ladybug? And what structure does a snowflake have, which did not have time to melt in the hand? We are sure that you can only guess about it. If you decide to replace the usual design of the social network with Facebook wallpapers in macro-style, you can get answers to all of the above questions. In addition, this not only carries an educational function, but also just looks beautiful. To change the color of Facebook, you will need the extension “Themes for Facebook”. It will help you change the standard design to copyright wallpapers. You do not have to pay any money for this; you can use the extension absolutely free of charge.

List of themes - Macro

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