Memes themes collections Love funny memes, jokes and practical jokes? Then you will undoubtedly like Facebook wallpapers that even Princess Nesmeyan can make laugh. What can be depicted on them? Everything from which your mood will improve, and a smile will appear on your face. Funny animals are expanse for those who come up with humor and those who understand it. A crab crawling towards a man with a knife in pincers? And scary and funny at the same time. The dog, his eyes scared, sitting in the car next to the woman behind the wheel (a little light sexism, nothing more). The cat, crawled into a three-liter jar and filled its entire volume with its "liquid" body. Such situations are just the sea, they are all very interesting and, at the same time, very funny. Want some funny Facebook theme instead of boring and boring? Easy! But first, you will need to install the Themes for Facebook browser extension. With it, you can change the design of the social network at the local level (only you can see). Change the color of the buttons, replace the standard background with any picture or even video. Once you install the extension, hover over any wallpaper in this category and click on the “Add” button. Then activate the theme in the extension itself. Thus, you can change the color of Facebook from default to creative.

List of themes - Memes

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