Minimalism themes collections Minimalism has many adherents throughout the Earth. Its meaning is to get rid of surpluses and content with a minimum amount of benefits. If you prefer minimalism in life and design, use Facebook wallpapers on this subject. This is 100% free and anyone who wants a standard social network background can afford it. If we talk about minimalism in the interior, then it consists in simplicity and the absence of unnecessary items. In life, everything is the same, but people do not refuse from interior decoration, but from any material values ​​that can be dispensed with. On, in the “Minimalism” category, you can find Facebook themes on a minimalistic lifestyle. There are few of them yet, but the catalog will be updated. To replace the standard design of the social network, you need to install the extension for browser. It is called “Themes for Facebook”. With it, you can get rid of the blue-gray colors of Facebook in favor of minimalistic wallpapers. But keep in mind that all modifications are visible only to you, as they are performed locally. For everyone else who sees your page on the Web, the old design will be shown.

List of themes - Minimalism

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