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Movies themes collections Have you watched almost all the films? Then you probably will like the idea of ​​installing themed Facebook wallpapers! They can depict scenes from your favorite films or the actors you adore. Suppose you are impressed by viewing the Venom. Do you want a black toothy alien to look at you from a page on a social network? Or do you prefer Hogwarts magic? Albus Dumbledore can also become your best friend when you put him on your profile instead of the standard background. It is possible that he will even wave his wand or wink, but this is not accurate. Facebook's usual color is too boring for anyone to like. The author’s design is based on real photos or videos. And this design can be installed by anyone who wants. But first you need to install the browser extension "Themes for Facebook", and then add the wallpaper. To apply an alternative design of the social network, click on the previously downloaded Facebook theme and enjoy the updated version of your profile! If over time the installed picture gets bored, you can always change it for another.

List of themes - Movies

The Matrix theme of Movies
The Matrix

The green Facebook theme in the style of the cult film "The Matrix" with the background in the form of the program code for the Matrix.

Guardians of the Galaxy theme of Movies
Guardians of the Galaxy

Join the squad of defenders of the universe.

Star Wars theme of Movies
Star Wars

For fans of the iconic Star Wars saga.

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