Music themes collections What style of music do you prefer? Hip hop, rock, jazz, club or country? Perhaps you like classical compositions authored by Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Mozart or Bach? In any case, now you have the opportunity to enjoy music not only audibly, but also visually. For example, to establish Facebook themes dedicated to one or another composer, singer or direction in general. What can be depicted on such wallpaper? From typical musical symbols, such as a music notebook and treble clef, to world-famous performers. Snoop Dog with his relaxed expression, Linkin Park with electric guitars and drums, Lewis Armstrong with a saxophone in his hands or Tim McGraw with a cowboy hat. In the category “Music” there are Facebook wallpapers for every musical taste, regardless of age. To change the default design of the social network to the author’s, you need to install a browser extension, which was called “Themes for Facebook”. Then the user should add a theme that he liked and activate it. As soon as this action is completed, the Facebook color will change to the one selected earlier. And you can enjoy the image or live wallpaper of a musical theme.

List of themes - Music

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