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Nature themes collections How to relax and relieve stress? You can lie down to relax, watch a movie or admire Facebook wallpapers on a natural theme. If landscapes alone are not enough, turn on the sounds of the surf, the twittering of birds or the murmur of a stream. Together with vivid photographs of the ocean, forest, mountains or a river, this will be the best relaxation for those who are tired. Nature is the most beautiful and natural on Earth. Remember what places you visited and which you would like to visit in the future? Maybe this is the snow-capped peak of Elbrus, the lavender fields of Provence, palm groves Preveli or the beaches of Miami? Be that as it may, the wait for the trip can be delayed, and you can enjoy the scenery right now. All that is needed for this is to change Facebook themes. They are in the category "Nature" and are available for free use by everyone. To replace the default design of a social network with a different one, you must first install the Themes for Facebook extension. Once this is done, you need to add those wallpapers that you like visually. Then you simply activate the new Facebook color in place of what it was before. You will see the changes immediately. They concern only the external appearance of the buttons and the background of the social network. Functionality will not be affected.

List of themes - Nature

Beautiful tree theme of Nature
Beautiful tree

Go towards nature along a mysterious path and most importantly - relax when you install this Facebook theme on your page.

Aurora borealis theme of Nature
Aurora borealis

Fascinating view of a unique natural show

Sea bay theme of Nature
Sea bay

Time to dream about the innermost.

Tropical islands theme of Nature
Tropical islands

A romantic bird's eye view of the heart-shaped islands paradise.

Sunset on the beach theme of Nature
Sunset on the beach

Enjoy moments of sunset on a paradise beach in the golden rays of the summer sun.

Tropical cave theme of Nature
Tropical cave

We offer you to retire to a paradise cave on the coast of a tropical island.

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