Ships themes collections Since childhood, have you dreamed about the life of a sea wolf, who is not afraid of either storms or pirates? Have you watched all the movies about the water adventures of brave travelers? Then you will certainly like Facebook themes in the style of ship ships! It is possible that you yourself have visited such a ship - a frigate, a submarine or just a yacht that plowed the expanses of the ocean, rocking you on the waves. If not, it doesn’t matter! With good imagination, you can imagine yourself on a powerful ship that rushes towards the wind, and salty splashes fly into your face, causing a smile. To boost your imagination, replace your regular Facebook color with a photo of the ship. So you can get closer to your dream and feel like a naval officer. He is not afraid of the bad weather and the Jolly Roger flag waving on a pirate ship. He is well prepared, serves the Motherland, respected by all sailors and even captain. Imagine yourself in his place and remember that in comparison with you, Jack Sparrow is a salaga. To change Facebook wallpapers, you will need the “Themes for Facebook” extension and a new design, which can be downloaded in this category. After installing the extension, go to the directory, add the theme you like and activate it in the browser.

List of themes - Ships

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