Simple themes collections Do you like when everything in life is simple and clear? Then use the Facebook wallpaper, which is easier than that, hardly, there is something. Plain backgrounds, without unnecessary details, variegation and other things. Only new colors instead of the default. Want to see a green or blue background? Perhaps you prefer yellow or purple? In the “Simple” category there are simple social network design options for users with any preferences. To install them, you first need to add the “Themes for Facebook” extension to your browser. Then you will need to add Facebook themes from the catalog to it and do not forget to apply one of them. Modification affects only the appearance of the social network. Neither the location of the buttons nor their functionality changes. In addition, the new look of your page will be displayed only for you, as changes occur at the user level. To show off your friends unique design, invite them to visit. If you are tired of the default Facebook color and you are eager to replace it, look at the website! There are about 50 categories, in each of which there are several copyright topics available for free download and further exploitation.

List of themes - Simple

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