Space themes collections Keep track of space news and dream to see a UFO? Crazy about films whose main characters are fighting foreign invaders? If this is true, you should forget about the boring color of Facebook, replacing it with space wallpaper. They can be depicted interstellar shuttles, nebulae, planets, and even aliens themselves. What could be more mysterious than civilizations from other galaxies? What do they look like? Maybe they are kind lizards with 4 eyes and a blue tongue or evil octopus-like creatures with 3 suckers on their hands and tentacles instead of legs? Or are they like us? You can assume as much as you like, but these are just fantasies and conjectures. However, the most successful of them can be embodied in the form of colorful Facebook wallpapers, which we did. To change the design of the social network by default, you need to add an extension called “Themes for Facebook” to the browser. When you do this, select any design you like in the style of space and add it to the extension. First, one click on the “Add” button (appears when you hover over the topic with the mouse pointer), then activate the wallpaper and admire the result of the redesign. We hope you enjoy Facebook themes about the universe and its mysteries.

List of themes - Space

Astronaut in a space theme of Space
Astronaut in a space

An astronaut in space is a creative and unique idea for a background on a Facebook page. The background can feature an astronaut floating in a space suit with a visor reflecting the stars and galaxies, this can give an impression of a vast and mysterious space. The background can also show the astronaut doing different activities like taking a spacewalk, holding a flag, or gazing through a telescope. This background can create an interesting and visually appealing look that can grab people's attention, making the Facebook page stand out. Additionally, it can be a great way to incorporate brand's unique identity and make the page more visually engaging for visitors. The use of astronaut imagery can be particularly effective for companies or organizations related to space, technology, or exploration.

Sci Fi space theme of Space
Sci Fi space

Visual style that features imagery and elements related to science fiction and space, such as spaceships, planets, galaxies, and other celestial bodies. This style is often used as a background visual for videos on social media platforms like Facebook. These backgrounds can be created using a variety of techniques, such as digital or traditional art, animation, and 3D modeling. They can be used to add visual interest and dynamic movement to a video and to convey a certain mood or theme. Sci-Fi space backgrounds are often used in film and television to create a sense of otherworldliness and to convey a futuristic or technologically advanced setting.

Galaxy spiral

Galaxy that has a spiral shape, with a central bulge and arms that spiral outwards. These arms are made up of stars, gas, and dust and are where new stars are formed. The Milky Way, our own galaxy, is an example of a spiral galaxy. The spiral shape is created by the rotation of the galaxy and the gravitational pull of the central bulge. These forces cause the gas and dust in the arms to compress, leading to the formation of new stars. The bright central bulge of a spiral galaxy is usually composed of older stars, while the arms contain younger, more luminous stars. The spiral structure of a galaxy is thought to be maintained by the rotation of the galaxy and by the gravitational pull of dark matter, a mysterious substance that makes up most of the mass in the universe.

Rotating Earth

The continuously turning earth, combined with the rich and diverse landscapes, creates a sense of curiosity and exploration. A rotating earth background for Facebook is a dynamic and educational design that adds a touch of global awareness to your profile. The background also serves as a reminder of the vastness and beauty of our planet, and its interconnectedness with all living beings. This background is perfect for those who want to add a touch of global awareness to their profile, or who want to show off their love for the earth and its many wonders.

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