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Space themes collections Keep track of space news and dream to see a UFO? Crazy about films whose main characters are fighting foreign invaders? If this is true, you should forget about the boring color of Facebook, replacing it with space wallpaper. They can be depicted interstellar shuttles, nebulae, planets, and even aliens themselves. What could be more mysterious than civilizations from other galaxies? What do they look like? Maybe they are kind lizards with 4 eyes and a blue tongue or evil octopus-like creatures with 3 suckers on their hands and tentacles instead of legs? Or are they like us? You can assume as much as you like, but these are just fantasies and conjectures. However, the most successful of them can be embodied in the form of colorful Facebook wallpapers, which we did. To change the design of the social network by default, you need to add an extension called “Themes for Facebook” to the browser. When you do this, select any design you like in the style of space and add it to the extension. First, one click on the “Add” button (appears when you hover over the topic with the mouse pointer), then activate the wallpaper and admire the result of the redesign. We hope you enjoy Facebook themes about the universe and its mysteries.

List of themes - Space

Earth theme of Space

One of the most beautiful planets in the solar system is now on your screens in the theme of Facebook design.

Glowing stars theme of Space
Glowing stars

Alluring light of distant stars.

Space nebula theme of Space
Space nebula

For all lovers of science fiction and deep space.

Sci Fi  Space theme of Space
Sci Fi Space

Space nebula from science fiction.

Astronaut in a spacesuit theme of Space
Astronaut in a spacesuit

An astronaut lost in outer space amid space debris in an unknown nebula.

Deep space theme of Space
Deep space

Orbiting an unknown planet.

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