Sports themes collections Do you like sports and everything related to it? Perhaps you are a football fan or cheer for one of the Formula 1 teams? Use the “Themes for Facebook” extension for browser and replace the default color of Facebook with sports wallpapers! They will delight your eyes and remind you of upcoming matches and important competitions. A true sports enthusiast is well versed in all the nuances and has long decided on who he rejoices with all his heart for victory and is sad if he loses. For fans of the same team, there is no difference in nationality or religion. They are united by a love for the sports team and therefore they are united and indestructible. What Facebook themes can you install in the Sports category? Everything you see on the site. This is a football match, and a heavyweight boxing match, and a race car. Various sports for every taste and preference. To establish an alternative design for the social network, you need to add themes from the site to the Facebook Themes extension. Then you need to apply one of the topics. Thus, you can replace the standard Facebook wallpapers with design versions. As you can see, no difficulties. In addition, you can change the theme for free, in one click.

List of themes - Sports

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