Technologies themes collections What could be more interesting and promising than high technology? Every year, their development affects more and more. Smartphones with a sub-screen camera and artificial intelligence have already appeared. Recently 60 Starlink satellites have been launched, which in the coming years will provide high-speed Internet access to the inhabitants of the entire Earth. And right now you can install Facebook themes in the style of future technologies. They will remind you that progress does not stand still, and it is time to update the technique. Blockchain technology deserves special attention. All types of cryptocurrencies are based on it, and soon it can enter the everyday life of every person. For example, passport data will be stored in the blockchain storage. Of course, so far these are assumptions based on the capabilities of the technology, but the implementation is not far off. How to change the default color of Facebook to a picture from the "Technologies" category? First of all, the user must install the Themes for Facebook extension in their browser. Then hover over any topic in the directory and add it to the extension. After that, just apply the new design with one click and evaluate the result. As you can see, changing a Facebook wallpaper is not difficult even for a child. Moreover, this will take no more than 2 minutes.

List of themes - Technologies

Bitcoin theme of Technologies

A bitcoin background for Facebook is a unique and stylish way to showcase your interest in cryptocurrency. The iconic bitcoin symbol and the digital aesthetic of the background convey a sense of innovation and technology. The background also serves as a subtle reminder of the value and potential of bitcoin as an investment. It's a perfect way to express your support for the decentralized digital currency and shows off your knowledge and passion for the topic.

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