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Textures themes collections Tired of the standard design of a social network? Have a desire to stand out from the crowd? Replace the boring blue-gray color of Facebook with textures with interesting patterns! Hearts, stars, lines, geometric shapes and more. What texture compositions can be found in this category? For example, a stylization of wood or stone, brickwork, newspaper clipping and much more. There are also abstract textures that will appeal to someone who does not know what exactly he wants. All design options are developed by professional designers with experience. Here you will not find publicly available pictures from the Internet. On fb.zone is only exclusive. What needs to be done to change the Facebook wallpaper? First you need to install a browser extension called “Themes for Facebook”. Once you do this, all you have to do is add a theme from the “Textures” category to it. Applying it, you thereby improve the appearance of the social network by changing the background image and buttons. Personalize your profile with the Facebook texture theme and extension! For this you do not need to pay anyone, and the use of this tool and all the author’s designs is not limited by time or volume.

List of themes - Textures

Brown wood texture theme of Textures
Brown wood texture

The eco-friendly style of wallpaper will bring you closer to harmony with nature.

Brick wall theme of Textures
Brick wall

Loft style with brick wall wallpaper

Camouflage pattern theme of Textures
Camouflage pattern

Military style theme with dark camo background.

Old wood texture theme of Textures
Old wood texture

Great time to focus on the essentials.

Wood wall theme of Textures
Wood wall

Maximum comfort for your Facebook page.

Scratched texture theme of Textures
Scratched texture

A great choice for steampunk fans.

Denim texture theme of Textures
Denim texture

Blue denim as wallpaper with leather stylized interface elements.

Red satin theme of Textures
Red satin

Glamorous shine of red satin.

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