Travel themes collections What to do at home? You can set your own Facebook color and stand out among your friends with a unique page design. It will look especially cool if you use the theme of travel. You must admit that almost everyone on our blue planet dreams of visiting beautiful places where I have never been before. These places can be beaches with palm trees and white sand growing there, or snow-capped mountains with impassable paths, flowering fields, dense jungle, etc. Earthly nature is very diverse and each of its branches is beautiful in its own way. Someone loves forest plantations with bird chirping, but for some, the sound of the surf is sweeter than any music. It was for such connoisseurs of natural delights that the "Travel" category was created, containing Facebook wallpapers with thematic photos and videos. Using them, you can remove the standard design of the social network and install your own. To make the change in the appearance of your page possible, first install the browser extension “Themes for Facebook”. Then add to it any Facebook themes you like from the travel category. After that, activate the design with the click of a mouse and enjoy the new look of FB!

List of themes - Travel

Flying triangles

Video backgrounds can add a dynamic and visually interesting element to a Facebook page. One unique idea for a video background is using flying triangles. These triangles can be in different colors, sizes, and speeds to create a mesmerizing and abstract effect. The video can also have a subtle animation of the triangles changing direction, rotating or overlapping each other, to create a sense of movement and depth. Using a video background with flying triangles can give a modern and tech-savvy feel to a Facebook page, making it stand out from the typical static image backgrounds.

Sunset on the beach theme of Travel
Sunset on the beach

A sunset on the beach can make an incredibly peaceful and serene background for a Facebook page. The background can feature a beautiful sunset over the ocean, with the warm colors of the setting sun reflecting on the water. The background can also show the beach with people enjoying the sunset, such as couples walking hand in hand, kids playing in the sand, or someone sitting on a beach chair watching the sunset. The background can also show the seagulls flying above the water, which can add a sense of movement and life to the image. This background can create a sense of tranquility and relaxation that can appeal to visitors, making the Facebook page stand out.

Tropical cave on the beach theme of Travel
Tropical cave on the beach

These caves are formed by the erosion of the cliffs, and can be found in regions with a warm and humid climate, such as the Caribbean or Hawaii. A tropical cave on the beach can provide a unique and secluded setting for swimming, snorkeling, or exploring. The cave can be filled with crystal clear water and host a variety of marine life, such as colorful fish, corals, and sea turtles. The cave can also have openings that allow sunlight to filter in, illuminating the cave and creating a magical and enchanted atmosphere. The combination of lush vegetation and crystal clear water can make the cave a unique and stunning natural wonder. Additionally, it can be a great place to take pictures and create memories, making it a popular destination for tourists and adventurers.

Sea bay theme of Travel
Sea bay

A sea bay is a type of coastal feature that is formed by the erosion of land by waves and currents. A bay is typically a smaller body of water that is partially enclosed by land, with an opening to the sea. Sea bays are often found along coastlines that are characterized by rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, and headlands. Sea bays are often popular tourist destinations due to their scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. They can offer swimming, boating, fishing, and other water activities. They also provide important habitat for a variety of marine life, including fish, birds, and other animals.

Tropical islands theme of Travel
Tropical islands

Islands located near the equator and characterized by their warm and humid climate, lush vegetation, and diverse wildlife. They are often surrounded by crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, making them popular tourist destinations. Some of the most famous tropical islands include Hawaii, the Maldives, and the Seychelles. Tropical islands are home to a wide variety of plants and animals, many of which are unique to the island ecosystem. They are also known for their diverse cultures, with many tropical islands having been settled by different groups of people throughout history.


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Valentine's Day

Love comes in all shapes and sizes! Whether you're celebrating with your sweetheart, squad, or furry friends, share the joy on this special day. Tag your loved ones, post your favorite memories, and spread the love. Happy Valentine's Day!

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