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TV serials themes collections Do you like to spend your free time watching a television series? We perfectly understand you! Series in recent years is becoming more and more. And many of them are really interesting to their audience. In honor of this, we developed special Facebook themes that we dedicated to individual multi-part film works and their heroes. Perhaps you are a fan of Flash or Supernatural? Can't imagine a day without the Titans or The Walking Dead? Then install the browser extension “Themes for Facebook” and add themed Facebook wallpapers! Get rid of the faded colors of the buttons in favor of the original design and style! Please note that this extension does not in any way affect the functionality of the social network. It affects exclusively the appearance of the interface and then - at the local level. This means that by changing the color of Facebook, only you and the person next to you will see these modifications. People who visited the page remotely will not notice the changes, for them everything will be as before. Use without any restrictions!

List of themes - TV serials

Wednesday series theme of TV serials
Wednesday series

Get ready for a thrilling journey with "Wednesday"! Follow the story of a mysterious young woman navigating her way through a dark and unpredictable world filled with supernatural elements. With its captivating storyline and stunning visuals, "Wednesday" is not to be missed. Join us every Wednesday for a new episode and uncover the secrets behind the enigmatic world of "Wednesday".

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