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Vector themes collections Vector is a special graphic that surpasses raster in quality. That is why Facebook vector wallpapers are characterized by high definition, the absence of pixelation and any noise. What can be represented as a vector? Yes, anything: from a small spider to a huge giant with a bag of beauties over his shoulders. Would you like a picture of a sports car on your page? Or the formidable lion, which is made so realistic that it seems as if it is about to jump on you. Perhaps you prefer some landscape or the inhabitants of the deep sea? In any case, in the “Vector” category you can easily pick up Facebook themes for yourself that will suit you with both content and artistic performance. To set a new background and design instead of default buttons, you need to add the extension “Themes for Facebook” to Google Chrome. By integrating any Facebook color from the catalog into it, you can activate it with one click. Well, after that, just enjoy the beautiful vector image and the design of the social network interface elements. They will remain in their places, but their appearance will be changed for the better, according to your choice.

List of themes - Vector

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