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Weapon themes collections Which power is most respected? One that has nuclear weapons. And what kind of people are taken seriously? That's right, those who have weapons. If you agree with this point of view or just like machine guns, pistols, rifles and other types of deadly tools, we offer you Facebook themed wallpapers! Despite the fact that weapons are sometimes in the wrong hands, they also serve good. Of course, we are talking about the army’s defense of the civilian population and the sovereignty of states, as well as the police service in order to maintain law and order. Just imagine what chaos would have been if the law enforcement agencies did not have weapons to help fight criminals and protect law-abiding citizens. If you are bored with the default Facebook color and want variety, install the “Themes for Facebook” extension and add new themes to it. Just a couple of actions and your usual design of the social network will be replaced by the original schedule. Your friends will envy you when they come to visit and see your virtual arsenal. Weapons, and any other Facebook topics on this site can be downloaded without any payments. The change in the design of the social network is carried out at the local level, without affecting the servers, so only the extension user is visible.

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