Welcome to the collections! Here you can familiarize yourself with all collections of Facebook themes and choose themes that you like best. By setting any of the design options, you will change the colors of the interface elements and background of all sections of the social network. Of course, only you will see this modification, since it is localized. As for the categories, there are about 50 of them. For example, you adore some Hollywood movie stars or singers. Find the Celebrities category and add themes to the extension. If you like animals or birds, the good news is for you. In stock there are several categories containing representatives of wild and domestic fauna: birds, cats, dogs.

Facebook photo and video theme collections

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The collections also boasts Facebook themes in the styles of fashion, macro, Hi-Tech, fantasy, minimalism, anime, abstraction and of course all of them include video or photo background. There is a design for the most sophisticated tastes. And for users who do not like any of the collections, there is a section “Other”. Already there they will surely find something that can sweeten their gaze and warm their souls. Once you find a suitable collection, hover over any topic. 2 buttons will appear: “Add” (add a theme to the extension) and “View” (see a screenshot of the design). We recommend that you first use the second button. Then, if you are satisfied with the design option, click on the add button, thereby adding a theme to Facebook Themes. Setting a new Facebook color is even easier. One click on the desired theme in the extension, and voila - the design of the social network has changed from the standard to the one you have chosen!
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